Stress is what motivates us, gets us out of bed in the morning, and supplies excitement in our lives. No, really. That feeling of get-up-and-go really is stress. ‘Motivation’ is just what stress feels like at manageable levels. For various reasons, not all of which are immediately obvious, many people are now experiencing more stress than is good for them. Happily, there are ways of transcending stress that at least have the potential to be effective in almost any situation.

It can be very tempting to post a big photo of your graduation certificate on all your social media channels but as fraud prevention experts Cifas point out, there are good reasons not to do so. Any personal information you share with the world or simply fail to protect from those with an unhealthy interest in your identity and personal history makes you more vulnerable to identity theft. Prevention is better than cure, although credit experts still maintain that both care and vigilance is necessary to stay safe in the modern world.

Modern music is pretty much all synthesised, or at least comprises digital reproductions of recordings of acoustic sounds and yet this development was very much a twentieth-century phenomenon. This post comprises a whistlestop tour from early electric light bulbs through vacuum tubes to modern electronic circuitry, Oscar, Sala, Brian Eno, the too often overlooked Wendy Carlos, and on to the modern day with many a window shopping stop along the way.

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