Enjoy “BIRD”, the MA Photography showcase free this week at Jack House Gallery. The work on show is selected from larger photographic projects, each the result of extensive and ongoing research and may be viewed as a showcase for photography itself, as a medium uniquely suited to practice-based enquiry.

 This Summer we have highlighted children’s books found in our Near and Far World Books collection (NFWB@UoP); which are translated from French to English, or are French language books, or bilingual books. Come in and borrow classics such as Tintin …

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Sometimes you just want to listen and learn while you are on the go or doing something else. Sometimes your eyes just need a rest. Whatever the reason, we are now launching Library micro-podcasts, each just a minute or so long, covering a topic close to your heart, from how to get the most from business reports to how you can switch to our free movie streaming service and save.

Here, Greta explains how to get started streaming classic and indie movies for free in under two minutes.

Greta and Patrick from the University Library and Megan and Soo, two students from BA(Hons) Illustration, enjoyed a day at Cottage Grove Primary School. The school was celebrating diversity and on this, the second of two special days, each class was focusing on a particular country which they had chosen to explore.

Fashion Revolution Week is back again and this year it is bigger and better than ever. As ever, CCI are hosting a week of exciting events to celebrate the positive impact fashion can have on the world from 22-29 April, from upcycling plastics to using the humble t-shirt to turn yourself into a walking activism billboard. Just turn up and join in anything that interests you. You will need to sign up in advance for the online panel discussion on Thursday 27 April.

We recently had a request from a MA Illustration student to view books from the University of Portsmouth Special Collections that highlighted lino prints and wood block prints. We found some really remarkable examples such as English As She Is …

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I feel inspired by and excited about all of the CCI PhD students’ research topics but none more than Pooja Shah’s. I’ve watched her research emphasis change and develop over time and now she is ready to move beyond her PhD exploring the possibilities presented by incorporating diverse textures, forms and designs into knitted artefacts into an exciting future. Join Pooja for the two workshops that perhaps mark the transition between her past and future as a researcher. Aimed at experienced knitters, these workshops offer an opportunity to be inspired by Pooja’s research and to engage with her in conversation about the meaning knitting has in your life while you knit your own far from the ordinary creation.

Artwork from StreetArtifact.xyz on Instagram

Inspired by the rise in the prevalence of street art during the pandemic, the StreetArtifacts group created an interactive AR platform on which they host scans of street art using a sophisticated camera that captures a “4k color textured 3d scan” and then use “spatial web and augmented reality” technologies to realise a map linked to authentic, detailed three-dimensional renders of the artwork in each location. The result is a virtual tour of immersive street art that digitally conserves this important part of our modern cultural heritage.