Reading for pleasure for just 30 minutes a week is associated with many benefits, from increased life satisfaction, self-esteem, better sleep, creativity, and happiness to improved social skills. It helps us rediscover all of who we are as we recognise feelings and situations faced by characters, reminding us of our common humanity and helping us remember and reconnect to all that we are and not just those aspects of ourselves we feel reduced to by the doubts and anxieties of the moment. So where can you most easily find things to read for pleasure?

When I say “summer” and “health food”, what immediately springs to mind? Salad? Fruit salad? you haven’t been watching the right adverts, and by right I mean this little gem from 1938, in which the ladies all take a break from gym class to enjoy an ice cream as part of their healthy lifestyle.

I'm starting to understand why mathematics was regarded as a form of magic in the Middle Ages.

What do the letters pi, tau, a circle, and the rather questionable assertion that everything you do on 15 March is wrong but the same things on 16 March are all right have in common? Apart from a librarian with access to blogging software being too hot to do real work? Read on to find out!

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Modern music is pretty much all synthesised, or at least comprises digital reproductions of recordings of acoustic sounds and yet this development was very much a twentieth-century phenomenon. This post comprises a whistlestop tour from early electric light bulbs through vacuum tubes to modern electronic circuitry, Oscar, Sala, Brian Eno, the too often overlooked Wendy Carlos, and on to the modern day with many a window shopping stop along the way.

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While TikTokkers sleep in a giant dog bed, I guess that leaves their old bed for the dog to sleep in.

After months of careful planning, two young men apparently decided that dog beds were better designed than beds for people, and that no-one would object to a dog beds large enough for fully grown men to be introduced into the average shared office. That, at least, appears to the premise behind the “Plfufl”. This blogger weeps for humanity.