Today, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings that marked the beginning of the end for the Nazi regime and the turning point of the Second World War, LGBTQ+ Pride Month celebrating sexual and gender diversity around the world, and Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month celebrating the rich cultural diversity and history of this marginalised community.

D-Day was the start of the overthrow of the Nazi killing machine. The D-Day invasion represented a major turning point in the Allied battle against the Nazis that had systematically isolated and exterminated millions in an attempt to purge Nazi occupied territories of Jews, Roma, the disabled, LGBTQ+ people and other marginalised groups by forces including many LGBTQ+ people who were forced to conceal their sexual orientation from their own comrades.

Early English Books Online are changing platform at the end of July. Our trial of the new platform is now live and available, and ProQuest are offering a webinar to help you get to grips with the new platform on 25 April. Spread the word and sign up now!

Oxford University Press (OUP) have made their most read History resources from 2023 freely available to everyone until 30th April 2024 covering a wide range of historical topics. Until the end of April, you have access to more ebook chapters, research encyclopedia entries, and journal articles than ever before.

Look no further Gale Primary Sources bring together many historical topics with powerful research tools and multiple search options across the largest collection of primary source documents from monographs to manuscripts, and eighteenth century newspapers to photographs, maps, and more, …

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In the world of government propaganda, nothing is ever as it seems. See how government messaging changed across the 20th century with this unique insight into what successive British governments wanted their citizens to know, think, and do with primary historical sources from our premium database British Government Information and Propaganda, 1939-2009.

From posters and stickers to pamphlets and guidance booklets, this fully searchable online archive provides a unique insight into what successive British governments wanted their citizens to know, think, and do, as well as how their methods and media of achieving their aims changed over time. It also reveals the image of Britain that different governments chose to project to the rest of the world.

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Learn directly from the experts from ProQuest how to trace the development of British politics from the 17th century onwards and explore the vast tracts of magazines and periodicals from nineteenth century penny dreadfuls to richly illustrated family magazines, temperance campaigns, political satire and twentieth century popular journalism. This webinar will have something of interest for everyone from history, politics and social science students through to journalists, typographers, and layout designers interested in the history of their arts.

Lauded by LGBTQ+ celebrities from activist Peter Tatchell to author Patrick Gale, the book includes a diverse range of perspectives and topics from a historian’s perspective on the scarcity of recorded LGBTQ+ history to a summary of local newspaper representation of LGBTQ+ issues over the past 120 years, a celebration of the Island’s leading LGBTQ+ heroes and heroines over the past century, as well as critical discussions of the development and impact of the infamous Section 28 and of suicide amongst LGBTQ+ people, pairing factual historical and journalistic research with reflections on personal experience and verbatim oral history extracts from the residents of the Isle of Wight.

Digital Theatre Plus is a useful resource for teachers and students of Performing Arts or English Literature.  It can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys dramatic or musical performance. It is mostly a video-based teaching resource for schools and …

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