We now have access to 50 new databases from ProQuest for a whole year, until July 2023. We chose the databases on this list with care and hope you will find them useful. Once this year-long trial is up, we have to choose which ones to keep in perpetuity (up to the cost of our deposit).

Thomson Reuters are running a full programme of webinar sessions covering Westlaw UK, Westlaw International, and Practical Law from September through to the end of November 2022.  Pick a webinar at the date/time which suits you best. If you can’t get onto a session, let us know because it is easy to arrange more sessions if required.

From Monday 20 June, we will be operating an ‘on request’ Duty Librarian service. The Duty Librarian office itself will be closed but you can ask to ask to speak to the duty librarian 9 am – 5 pm, Mondays – Fridays, just like during term-time.

Essentially, the duty librarian will be on hand, they just don’t want to sit in total isolation all day, hoping to speak to someone before they go mad with loneliness.

One of the secrets to a successful life is developing the practice of asking of each thing, “Is this important? What would happen if I did not do it?”. This practice is the single biggest secret to making the best use of your time. It enables you to prioritise your life meaningfully by stopping doing those things that make little or no difference and focusing on those things that will. It declutters life and protects against that ever present threat of becoming overwhelmed.

Engineering Village is like a version of the EBSCO Discovery Service designed specifically for engineers. It is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world, comprising no less than ten chemistry, engineering, and earth science databases.