Your University Card is as unique as you are.  It identifies you wherever you go on campus.  It lets you, and only you, into university buildings and allows you to access a whole range of other services, such as borrowing books from the Library and laptops on campus.  If you forget your card and would like to come into the Library, we have alternative ways to allow you access to the building. Just talk to one of our friendly staff at the Reception Desk. 

You don’t need to use your card to let other people into the Library. Family members and friends are welcome into the Library for most of the year.  Please ask them to bring photographic ID and sign in at Reception.  If they are a frequent visitor or accompany you to the Library often, suggest that they register for a free external membership, which will then let them scan in 24/7 using their own library card.

We are approaching the assessment and examination period when there is increased demand from students completing their studies. In order to give fair access to books, we will continue to recall loans that have been reserved by other users. You may be asked to return books during the Easter Vacation (3 April – 21 April 2023).

Please check your university email regularly and be ready to return books if they are recalled, by posting them back to us securely if necessary.

The cost of living crisis is a concern for many students, and as Marie Curie found, trying to complete a difficult academic course while starving is pretty much impossible. Happily, the University and Student Union are working together to offer some additional support, particularly during the colder weather when heating bills are so high.

Interested in witnessing the cutting edge of design technology and its creative uses? The Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) faculty Research Excellence Framework (REF) showcase will be on display at the Institute of Marine Sciences next Thursday, 9 March 2023. They’ve even laid on a free bus to take you there.

Online, no-one knows you are an AI.

Don’t trust anything ChatGPT tells you. It might well find nothing of relevance, panic and start making stuff up. Only, it will give you beautiful quotes, citations and references for the things it made up in a very polished and convincing way. The only snag is that it will all be meaningless or just plain wrong. Today’s AI cannot carry out the critical research required for your assignments (or research papers!) in the way you can. They are tools with a very specific purpose and asking them to do more than they were designed for – asking them to research or write your assignments, for instance – quickly exposes their limitations.

There’s nothing quite like feeling you know what’s going on in the world, and there’s nothing better than getting access to all the latest news, reviews, and magazines for every interest for free. That’s what you get from PressReader – all the major national newspapers and magazines from The Times to Gay Times and everything beyond and in between. available anywhere through the app or over the web.