If you are new here, you might not realise this yet but the period around Christmas is the only time of the year that the Library closes (apart from the August Bank Holiday in the summer). We are always open …

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The "Locate on shelf" button in the catalogue lets you find a book with the tap of a button.

While you can always put in a Click & Collect request, sometimes you just want to walk in and walk out with the book(s) you want. Here’s a quick three step guide to finding books for yourself.

Portsmouth in 1945, viewed from the air.

The National Library of Scotland has made over 6,000 digitised air photo mosaics available that show detailed information on the landscape of wartime England and Wales in the 1940s. These complement the Scottish air photo mosaics that have been available online since 2009. Selected towns and cities are shown at larger scales, including Portsmouth. A handful of original air photo mosaics for parts of Portsmouth are available to view in the Map Library, which show clearly the damage sustained by the city during the Second World War.

If you are not yet using the VPN to access all your online content needs, you really should. It grants seamless access to most library resources from anywhere over the internet and saves you from having to log in repeatedly. Best of all, when resources present login problems, using the VPN almost always avoids them, making for a comparatively trouble-free and simple login experience. You can watch a short video explaining how to install the VPN for your computer’s operating system on MyPort.

Films and documentaries that truly resonate with us do more than just entertain. They inspire, enrich, challenge and open up new avenues of enquiry within us. Working in partnership with universities and libraries, Kanopy offers free streaming of films, documentaries and more to your smart device, all free from advertisements and with a collection that grows every month.

We know referencing can be tricky, which is why we like to offer you help at the immediate point of need, via chat, email and our library skills drop-ins. We also realise that sometimes a quick conversation isn’t quite enough, and you’d like to sit down and talk through referencing with someone who can explain it in a bit more depth, or look at a few more examples. That’s why we’re making our APA referencing experts available for bookable 30 minute online appointments!

A throwback Thursday reference for anyone who's been following us for long enough to appreciate it ;)

Looking to go beyond the basics using the Discovery Service? Of course you are. This quick video will lift the lid on the tips and tricks that librarians use to get the most from the Discovery Service and set you up for success.