We are delighted to announce that we have just added another eresource from AM Digital (formerly Adam Matthew) that is very relevant to Portsmouth: Life at sea. This new database gives you access to three centuries of archives from the UK and America that chronicle the lives of ordinary seamen, merchants, whalers, and pirates.

Library eresources are temporarily unavailable off campus for all users, even those using the VPN. It is possible to access these resources in the Library building, which is open until midnight tonight and from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday. Unfortunately, we cannot contact the team who can resolve this problem until Monday. We are very sorry for this horribly timed technical fault.

The Discovery Service searches across a huge range of subjects, which makes it a great place to search when you first start out but it is not necessarily the best tool to find in-depth information on a specialist topic. So where should you be searching for all the best research articles, market reports, video clips and other resources you might need for your assignments? Happily, the answer is simple: your subject pages.

Our most popular media eresources are expanding and improving! Kanopy has expanded to include over 3000 new films and is redeveloping its search and browsing tools to make it even easier to find what you want. Meanwhile, our ever popular Gale Primary Sources collection has expanded to bring you fully searchable scans of the Daily Mail up to 2004 and The Times up just three years ago.

Winston Churchill still stands as one of Britain’s most controversial figures. A man of unparalleled drive and ambition, poet, artist, and master of rhetoric, he embodied the last throws of British imperialistic colonialism. Now you can discover the man, his …

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JustisOne is about to change from what we all currently know and love to vLexJustis in a few months and they have given us a one month trial starting today until 18 November! We will get all our existing content plus a little extra …

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