Sadly, there are people selling fake tickets for big events, from concerts and festivals to sports events. Don’t end up disappointed and out of pocket. Make sure you are buying your tickets from official vendors, the box office, or reputable fan reseller sites, and check out these tips to ensure the tickets you buy are genuine.

If you like manga (Japanese-style graphic novels), you will simply love the new series of self-development and business skills books we’ve just bought. From stress management to marketing, these charming little books are fun visual guides to the world of work and self-care. Probably of more academic interest to people studying business as part of their course rather than dedicated Business School students, they are a fun read for anyone.

Doctoral theses are scholarly sources, often comprising material published separately across several papers and/or a book. The only problem with them is that they are often difficult to lay your hands on them unless they were awarded locally. Here’s a complete guide to finding theses in print or online. If you find a doctoral thesis that you want to read, here’s how to go about getting hold of a copy.

Many students beginning their dissertation project want to look at one that has been completed before to see what others have done well and what they have done badly. Once upon a time, the Library received some undergraduate and masters dissertations. Over time, the number and range of dissertations we hold have dwindled. Here’s a very brief guide to finding examples of past dissertations for your course with a minimum of hassle and disappointment.

Welcome to the busiest time in the University academic year. We have closed the doors to external visitors to protect your space until the end of May but for some of you, it might still get a little too noisy for comfort. People vary greatly in the noise levels they enjoy studying in and what they can tolerate. If you are finding the bustle and noise a little much, help is at hand.