Asking the same question over and over again. It’s not called getting old, it’s called getting ill. Dementia affects people of all ages, from childhood to old age, but it is possible to live well with dementia. What makes the difference is people like you and me knowing how to make the world more friendly for people with dementia. So why not sign up to become a Dementia Friend today?

What’s stopping you from getting started? Do you start your day anxious and struggle to limber up, focus, and get going? Does your workload feel like an unstructured edifice that threatens to collapse and crush you?

It might surprise you to learn that a more chilled, relaxed, happy and in-control you might be a simple habit change away and it all starts with how you start your day and structure your time to stay calm and achieve a productive flow. Once you manage to establish a healthy routine for yourself, motivation, creativity, and finally success will follow. It’s never too late to start a good habit, so try it today!

Artistic representation of the average standard of digital records management.

Are you a member of staff working at the university? Have the recent emails warning that you should be downsizing your email inbox and Google Drive storage left you worrying or anxiously procrastinating? Do you wish someone would just explain once and for all in terms that you can understand where stuff goes and how to make other stuff go away forever? Our Records Manager and Information Governor have teamed up to teach you how to empty your inbox, cull your file quotas and apprehending artefacts before they end up in a skip somewhere – and they are all delivered digitally online, so you don’t even have to stop work to watch them.

Just as resting your eyelids makes you feel sleepy, opening your eyes wide and looking upwards sends signals from the muscles around your eyes to your brain telling it to wake up, making you feel almost instantly energised. Like most behavioural techniques, it sounds laughably simple but works almost instantly like some kind of black magic.

The now antiquated Microsoft Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 15 June 2022. If for some reason you are still using this older browser, please upgrade to something more modern in order to continue enjoying a high quality experience using university services and library eresources.

Approaching the end of your degree? Looking forward to landing your first graduate job after you finish? It all starts with the exciting process of focusing in on your target role and sector and honing your application skills. Helping you with each of these stages are just some of the ways Careers and Employability are here to help.

The University supports the Sunflower lanyard scheme that allows anyone with a hidden disability, including cognitive differences that under some circumstances present communication difficulties, to signal discreetly to others that they might need a little more time or assistance. The Library is proud to join this scheme and you can now pick up your sunflower lanyard from the Library.