Who, ultimately, is responsible for the integrity of the scientific literature – the enduring product of the research endeavour?  Dr David Sanders from Purdue University will argue that journals and research institutions have a vital but often neglected role to play in ensuring research outputs are reliable and honest, exploring the reasons why research integrity is so often left almost entirely up to authors and reviewers verify, and propsing solutions to the problems involved.

Face with colour spray. Signed Roo Abrook - For Arta.

There’s a surprisingly large amount of really high quality graffiti art around Southsea. Occasionally, someone in the library finds themselves passing some of it on foot in good light and without parked cars or hordes of people walking in front. …

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Are the organisers behind shadow libraries today's Robin Hoods?

Behind every great economy lurks a shadow economy offering what the regulated economy cannot and libraries are no exception. For every library buying ebooks and subscribing to ejournals and full-text databases, there is a shadow library attempting to provide the same resources for free without paying.

Seen by some as modern day Robin Hoods, could these shadow libraries be about to bring down unintended and far-reaching consequences upon us all?

You can now get an AI artist to create fantasy artwork on demand. While this is a boon for creating a huge volume of new artworks for use in the publishing industry, including the cottage industry of writing fantasy content from novellas to roleplaying adventures without having to pay steep royalties to the artists who created the art, this somewhat unexpected development (unexpected for anyone who like me thought AI was years away from emulating human creativity) means that any artist can have their distinctive art style they have spent half a lifetime creating emulated in minutes by a computer programme. Such AIs can spin off thousands of original works in the style of an existing artist they have studied. This begs the question, can and how will copyright law protect creatives from having their work emulated? As yet, the law seems able and willing but the details are still missing.

Portsmouth in 1945, viewed from the air.

The National Library of Scotland has made over 6,000 digitised air photo mosaics available that show detailed information on the landscape of wartime England and Wales in the 1940s. These complement the Scottish air photo mosaics that have been available online since 2009. Selected towns and cities are shown at larger scales, including Portsmouth. A handful of original air photo mosaics for parts of Portsmouth are available to view in the Map Library, which show clearly the damage sustained by the city during the Second World War.

Named after a fictional dystopian virtual world from the 1992 science fiction novel “Snow Crash” and popularised by the Spielberg film “Ready player one”, metaverses are collaboratively developed environments beyond the control of any one person that the hype is currently touting will replace the two-dimensional internet we know now with a three dimensional, immersive VR world in which people represent themselves with avatars – virtual representations of themselves. Is the metaverse the next step in the development of the internet, the digital frontier in which we should all be investing, or an overhyped false dawn destined to be forgotten as soon as the next big thing hoves into view?

We are delighted to announce that we have just added another eresource from AM Digital (formerly Adam Matthew) that is very relevant to Portsmouth: Life at sea. This new database gives you access to three centuries of archives from the UK and America that chronicle the lives of ordinary seamen, merchants, whalers, and pirates.

The new touchscreen information kiosks are larger, more responsive, and more customisable.

Information Services have replaced the touchscreen information points in the library. These allow you to do anything from searching the library catalogue to looking up the timetable for the University bus. Have a play and see what they offer.