If you need more than a quick answer and want a one-to-one chat support session with your Faculty Librarian – online over video chat or in-person – the easiest way to arrange this is to use the Book a librarian booking form on the library website. Click the blue/white question mark button to bring up the Ask us page and choose the “Book a librarian” option.

It’s great to be able to get instant answers from anywhere over the internet using the online chat service but sometimes nothing beats actually being able to show the librarian the paper or book you are having difficulty with and discussing your problems with them. We have two screens, so you can watch in real time as the librarian demonstrates how to search a database and builds a search, explaining each step as they go – something that is much easier than through online text chat. Not to mention that it is just nice to see a friendly face when you are feeling a little lost.

The Discovery Service searches across a huge range of subjects, which makes it a great place to search when you first start out but it is not necessarily the best tool to find in-depth information on a specialist topic. So where should you be searching for all the best research articles, market reports, video clips and other resources you might need for your assignments? Happily, the answer is simple: your subject pages.