While TikTokkers sleep in a giant dog bed, I guess that leaves their old bed for the dog to sleep in.

After months of careful planning, two young men apparently decided that dog beds were better designed than beds for people, and that no-one would object to a dog beds large enough for fully grown men to be introduced into the average shared office. That, at least, appears to the premise behind the “Plfufl”. This blogger weeps for humanity.

Check it out the new blog celebrating the amazing achievements of Black women around the world as they continue to break down barriers and lead in business, sports, entertainment, and in the community. From Rhianna achieving billionaire status to Kamala Harris becoming America’s first-ever Black (and Asian-American) woman Vice-President, there are some deeply impressive achievements on the list.

Artist's impression of librarians upon the arrival of new eresources

Good news, everybody! We now have many more information resources of interest to surprisingly wide audiences, from everything tangentially related to computing to resources that help diversify the curriculum and more archives on British history from Victoriana to the modern day. Whether you are into History, Design, or Electronic Engineering, we have something new here for you.

Second in this week’s tour of things we just found out and can scarcely believe, according to Lori Dorn of the Laughing Squid blog, this cut scene from a 1976 Sesame Street episode was deemed too scary for children. For …

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"We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

Are you a budding astronomer? If so, a group of astronomy enthusiasts has now published a guide for those trying to break into the hobby: Best Astronomy Books for Beginners – Simple, Practical Guides for Stargazing with Binoculars or a …

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