You may have read a lot recently about tools such as ChatGPT for text or Midjourney for art (there are many others) and realized that artificial intelligence has moved out of the realms of science fiction, and even self-driving cars for that matter, and into the realm of an actually usable technology for individuals. There are lot of reasons you might want to avoid using such tools and yet there are some good academic reasons for wanting to experiment with them.

The only downside of the Discovery Service, or any electronic resource for that matter, is that it does not remember who you were or what you found. You can run a search, add content to a folder but of that will be gone the next time you log in unless you create a personalised account and remember to sign in every time. Happily, doing so is very simple and straightforward. This blog post explains how.

Welcome back after the Easter Break! It’s time for the final push of the academic year to get everything done. Getting the most from your time is vital to reaching June with a minimum of stress. With that in mind, here are my nine top tips for surviving and thriving in the run-up to deadlines and exams and beyond.

Looking to get your study skills up to speed for university? TLooking to get your study skills up to speed for university? Probably not – the first three months of any course are generally filled with trying to drink or spend away the annual textbook budget in a burst of hedonism after being released from the restrictions of home and college. There are loads of helpful resources to get you started.

What’s stopping you from getting started? Do you start your day anxious and struggle to limber up, focus, and get going? Does your workload feel like an unstructured edifice that threatens to collapse and crush you?

It might surprise you to learn that a more chilled, relaxed, happy and in-control you might be a simple habit change away and it all starts with how you start your day and structure your time to stay calm and achieve a productive flow. It’s never too late to start a good habit, so try it today!

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It is important to structure your study time to get the most from the hours you invest.  One of the most effective methods is known as the Pomodoro Method (from the Italian for ‘tomato’).  The inventor discovered that using his …

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