By default, university computers install FileOpen to Adobe Reader but then attempt to open secure pdf documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Opening secured pdf documents downloaded from the British Standards Online database or received from the British Library through our Interlibrary Loans Service should be simple but it is often not because of the mess of digital rights management software embedded …

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The new touchscreen information kiosks are larger, more responsive, and more customisable.

Information Services have replaced the touchscreen information points in the library. These allow you to do anything from searching the library catalogue to looking up the timetable for the University bus. Have a play and see what they offer.

Now you can always know how many computers are available in the library at any given time.

We’ve added a handy new tool to the library homepage that displays the number of available PCs and laptops. Drawn from near real-time usage data, this little display gives you a good idea of just how busy the library is at any particular time and might help you decide whether it is worth carrying in your own laptop or finding a library desktop or laptop to use or borrow.

More and more of you prefer your own powerful tech to the existing library PCs, which while they are replaced regularly quickly pale in comparison with the breakneck pace of laptop and even tablet development in general. That’s why we are trialling large, curved screen displays, full-size keyboards and mice just waiting for you to plug in your device (or at a push, one of our loanable laptops) and play. Scan the QR code taped to the table beside these devices and let us know what you think and if you would like to see more of these elsewhere on campus.

Library eresources are temporarily unavailable off campus for all users, even those using the VPN. It is possible to access these resources in the Library building, which is open until midnight tonight and from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday. Unfortunately, we cannot contact the team who can resolve this problem until Monday. We are very sorry for this horribly timed technical fault.

Bring your USB-C socketed device or borrow a university laptop, plug in and play using our massive curved screen and desktop peripherals.

Plug your chosen device into one of our plug-in-and-play stations on the first floor and enjoy the use of a mouse, full-size keyboard and a monitor so large it had to be made curved for you to be able to see everything from side to side without moving! It’s the best of all possible worlds: the power and customizability of your own device with the luxury of a dedicated, modern desktop setup and peripherals.

The now antiquated Microsoft Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 15 June 2022. If for some reason you are still using this older browser, please upgrade to something more modern in order to continue enjoying a high quality experience using university services and library eresources.