We are delighted to report that a full four years after we first received Customer Service Excellence Standard recognition, our award has been fully reviewed and reaccredited. The Library was once again found to be fully compliant in all areas, bar one point of partial compliance, with several areas being scored as “Compliance Plus”,  indicating we exceeded the already high standards expected and demonstrated good practice.

If you are new here, you might not realise this yet but the period around Christmas is the only time of the year that the Library closes (apart from the August Bank Holiday in the summer). We are always open …

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As of Monday 7th November 2022 day visitors must be over the age of 18. Visitors will be required to show proof of age if requested by library staff.

This is as a result of a spate of recent incidents of misbehaviour. The Library is working on a new process to enable access for under 18s who wish to use the Library for study purposes.

In the interim period the Library reserves the right to decline entry to visitors, entry will be granted for study purposes only and all visitors are reminded of the need to abide by the Library Regulations.

Finding books might involve a learning curve but borrowing and returning books is easy. The self-service kiosks in the Atrium let you borrow an entire stack of books at once at any time the library is open, which means anytime 24/7 during term-time! Pile your books up on the glass plate, tap “Borrow” on the screen, scan your university card against the black fob on the front until the kiosk recognises you, then wait a moment until all the books are listed on screen.

Card printing has moved to a new home in the University Library. Now, when you need a new staff or student card printed, perhaps because your old card was lost or damaged, you can simply complete the relevant web form and then pop into the Library between 9 am – 5 pm, Mondays – Fridays.