Artist's impression of librarians upon the arrival of new eresources

Good news, everybody! We now have many more information resources of interest to surprisingly wide audiences, from everything tangentially related to computing to resources that help diversify the curriculum and more archives on British history from Victoriana to the modern day. Whether you are into History, Design, or Electronic Engineering, we have something new here for you.

Summer is here, the weather is great (today!) and we all have a little more time to relax and take a break. We will be open over the summer though, so pop in, say hi, and pick up some holiday …

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From Saturday 18 June the library will move to its shorter summer vacation opening hours. We will still open 8 am – midnight Mondays-Fridays and during the day on Saturdays and our eresources and 24/7 support will still remain available, it is just the library building opening hours that are becoming a little shorter. On the bright side, the postgraduate study suite is now open as long as the library building.

The library Postgraduate Study Suite is open again and available to anyone studying at Master’s level and above. The only change from before the pandemic is that we have had to suggest limits to the number of occupants in each room to ensure the ventilation remains sufficient to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

The University supports the Sunflower lanyard scheme that allows anyone with a hidden disability, including cognitive differences that under some circumstances present communication difficulties, to signal discreetly to others that they might need a little more time or assistance. The Library is proud to join this scheme and you can now pick up your sunflower lanyard from the Library.