Get your bike registered and security tagged on Thursday 26 January. Portsmouth Council and local police will be stationed between the University Library and Ravelin Sports Centre, offering free bicycle tagging and registration. Tagged bicycles are less likely to be …

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Hampshire Constabulary, working with Student Watch volunteers and marking kits supplied by Portsmouth City Council are popping up once again at lunchtime today to offer free cycle marking pop-ups around campus.  Bring your bike to the Library between 1.30- 3.30 pm today and get it security marked and registered on the national property database.

Portsmouth Police are working with the University of Portsmouth to offer free bicycle security marking events. The next event is on Thursday 10 November from 2-4 pm, and takes place in the Richmond Building forecourt, Portland Street.

During the event, bikes will be marked with a unique code and added to the national Bike Register database. The national database makes it easier for police forces across the county to reunite stolen bikes with their owners. It can also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves as the bike is permanently marked, making it more difficult for anyone other than its proper owner to sell.