Artificial intelligence has become a common buzzword, and you are probably already using it to create your assignments, possibly without even knowing it. But how can you use it ethically and skillfully to help you produce great assignments without crossing the line and being accused of cheating? Our Faculty Librarian Timothy Collinson explains all in his new guide to using AI for effective (and ethical) study.

If you missed our Greta Friggens’ (Faculty Librarian, CCI) webinar introducing the history, purpose and relevance to teaching and research of the prestigious Outside In World collection of children’s books in translation, you can catch up with it here.

Don’t miss our upcoming Outside In World drop-ins where you can meet Greta and colleagues and explore how the collection might be useful for your teaching and research.

Many people find looking for useful journal articles by thinking out all the terms they need to search for in advance and typing them into an empty search box is simply overwhelming. Happily, the new look Discovery Service lets you …

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The University is embarking on an ambitious new project to join the University Library and Student Union buildings to create a luxurious new student hub featuring a diverse range of study spaces to suit all purposes and people.  Alongside this, we are reviewing library space and focusing initially on a dedicated space for postgraduate study. From 15 July, the old Postgraduate Study Suite will be moving into a temporary new location as we begin this exciting work.

The University Library invites you to visit and find out about the wonderful collection Outside in World: Children’s Books in Translation by joining us at one of our upcoming drop-ins.

Discover this prestigious collection of international books that have been translated from their original languages into English. Feel free to bring children to explore the collection and enjoy a children’s storytime event at each of the drop-ins.

Situated near the Library Café, we actively encourage the use of this unique collection to support research and teaching, community outreach, and reading for pleasure.

It is increasingly apparent that all of us need to be aware of what AI can do, particularly generative AI creating text and images and video at speed and in quantities that were hitherto underheard of. We need to have a good understanding of its power for good, its potential for harm and the ethical considerations that are involved in its use. It is so easy to be fooled by deep fake AI, so we all need to learn to think for ourselves. Become an AI literate leader and not a follower – check out our AI Literacy webpages today!

We are really excited by the new streamlined EBSCO Discovery Service experience. The new interface is so much easier to use and is packed with innovative features, including: Over on the Library website, we’ve summarised the main features of the …

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