Looking to get your study skills up to speed for university? TLooking to get your study skills up to speed for university? Probably not – the first three months of any course are generally filled with trying to drink or spend away the annual textbook budget in a burst of hedonism after being released from the restrictions of home and college. There are loads of helpful resources to get you started.

A big warm Pompey welcome to all our new students! There’s a great induction programme on offer to help all our international students settle but if you’re looking for a gentle introduction to the library, check out our welcome pages for bite-sized information to get you settled and off to a flying start!

Card printing has moved to a new home in the University Library. Now, when you need a new staff or student card printed, perhaps because your old card was lost or damaged, you can simply complete the relevant web form and then pop into the Library between 9 am – 5 pm, Mondays – Fridays.

If we are to leverage the huge benefits of having an integrated, diverse society, we must first pay careful, mindful attention to how we treat one another – who and how we criticise and praise: who we put down and who we choose to lift up.

Microaffirmations – tidbits of authentic, meaningful praise – are as meaningful as microaggressions, those ribald jokes told at someone’s expense and other broadly tolerated acts of social violence, in making people variously feel safe, valued and committed to a group or organisation, and so praise as well as criticism should be handed out mindfully and even-handedly, despite the innate tendency we all have to favour those we perceive to be more like us.

Traditional sewage treatment plants struggle to extract enough of the nitrates and phosphates from sewage to make the treated water they release harmless but what if urine could be turned into a rich fertiliser? One wastewater treatment expert has found that they can and invites us to join them in realising a new step in the circular economy.

Debranded logos - denuded of their former contours, textures and finesse in favour of more rapid mobile loading speeds

In a world driven by mobile technology, brands everywhere are racing to simplify their logos so they load faster and appear crisper and clearer on mobile phone screens. Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘debranding’.