I have blogged before about productivity tools and tried to sound enthusiastic but this time I have hit gold. Thanks to the rise of our future AI overlords, we have Goblin Tools: an app that offers to turn the chaos …

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Love lists?  Use them to manage your projects.  Add list items, reorder and reprioritise tasks, colour-code, tag, debate, add checklists and move them to other lists.  Group them on boards and link boards together, with entire boards full of sub-project lists. The possibilities are endless… a little like my ‘to do’ list.

What’s stopping you from getting started? Do you start your day anxious and struggle to limber up, focus, and get going? Does your workload feel like an unstructured edifice that threatens to collapse and crush you?

It might surprise you to learn that a more chilled, relaxed, happy and in-control you might be a simple habit change away and it all starts with how you start your day and structure your time to stay calm and achieve a productive flow. It’s never too late to start a good habit, so try it today!

Have you thought about the ‘new (academic) year – new you’ yet? I was reading the Metro paper the other day and an article by Susan Griffin on productivity caught my eye. Here is the resolutions list she devised: Start …

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