The cost of living crisis is a concern for many students, and as Marie Curie found, trying to complete a difficult academic course while starving is pretty much impossible. Happily, the University and Student Union are working together to offer some additional support, particularly during the colder weather when heating bills are so high.

What you do outside of the classroom and the library can have almost as big an impact on your student experience as what you do inside. A regular, sustainable sleep schedule, healthy diet, plenty of water, and enough exercise all help keep you fighting fit and can help you both tackle and feel better about yourself, your studies, and everything else in life.

Everyone’s ideal study space looks and feels different. That is why the Library comprises a whole series of spaces that look and feel very different. From the collaborative study spaces near the Library Café, which have an energising noise from …

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After last week’s drama, things are returning to normal. The Library is once again open 24/7, visitors are welcome with approved photographic ID, cardless visits for students are once again possible during staffed hours, the Library Café is open again selling hot and cold drinks and snacks. Everything is rapidly getting back to normal.

Check out our new dedicated webpage for ongoing updates.

Staying warm is important to staying well but with rising energy costs and inflation eroding incomes at the same the Met Office is releasing cold weather alerts, finding fiscally prudent means to manage heating bills and stay warm is a matter of necessity. Follow these top tips from our very own Professor Mike Tipton and get any help you need to stay fed and warm this unseasonably cold winter.

Our other basket has wheels on! (And an extending handle, it really is quite nice.)

Are you buying textbooks this Christmas? Not a ‘sexy’ or necessarily a fun present but often a valuable one. Before you join the hoards proceeding mindlessly to the Amazon checkout, check out our top tips for book buying on a budget to see whether you could find it cheaper elsewhere.