If you missed our Greta Friggens’ (Faculty Librarian, CCI) webinar introducing the history, purpose and relevance to teaching and research of the prestigious Outside In World collection of children’s books in translation, you can catch up with it here.

Don’t miss our upcoming Outside In World drop-ins where you can meet Greta and colleagues and explore how the collection might be useful for your teaching and research.

The University Library invites you to visit and find out about the wonderful collection Outside in World: Children’s Books in Translation by joining us at one of our upcoming drop-ins.

Discover this prestigious collection of international books that have been translated from their original languages into English. Feel free to bring children to explore the collection and enjoy a children’s storytime event at each of the drop-ins.

Situated near the Library Café, we actively encourage the use of this unique collection to support research and teaching, community outreach, and reading for pleasure.

A classic British summer day of wind, cloud and rain did not stop the smiles and fun at the ‘Celebration of our International Students and Staff’ which took place on Gun House Green in the beautiful Ravelin Park here at …

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Dungeons & Dragons has become very familiar across the decades since it first appeared in 1974.  However, it’s not the only roleplaying game by a long chalk and in the last half century there have been a multitude of D&D clones as well a vast variety of other games and genres.  From science fiction (such as Traveller) to gothic horror (e.g. Call of Cthulhu); from superheroes to secret agents, there’s almost certainly something to suit any interest.

Keeping track of all that history has been made somewhat easier by a recent University of Portsmouth Library acquisition, Designers & Dragons by Shannon Appelcline and published by Evil Hat Productions.  This four-volume set follows the history of games and publishers is an immensely readable and engaging.

Some of our greatest thinkers and authors have been LGBTQ+. They have offered refreshingly different perspectives on everyday life and many wrote stories and essays that shared their intersectional lived experience as LGBTQ+ women and or people of the global …

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The University Library recently donated a large collection of our older books to a new University in Nigeria, the Cosmopolitan University in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. This new North African university’s Vice-Chancellor is Prof. Carl Adams, former professor of …

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