We are always looking for ways to raise our standards, serve you better, and develop our services to meet your needs more effectively.  This year, we have reviewed our performance measurement tools and published a suite of new Library Service Standards that ensure we always deliver on those things that matter the most to you.  

The creative arts have long given expression to the downtrodden and the oppressed, enabling those with a less formal education to give affective expression to their experience. Still, mainstream media were created as exclusively white spaces and even now the appearance of Black women in key roles is groundbreaking. Still, Black women have spent decades laying claim to their share of the publishing infrastructure and are now taking centre stage in long running television and film franchises. Just take a look at these Black British women taking the creative industries by storm.

The legacy of violent discrimination against Black people sadly continues to this day but it continues to act as a rallying call to powerful Black women who have risen up to help create a fairer Britain for everyone. Today, we salute those Black British women who have taken the political scene by storm and continue challenging the status quo in British politics.

The University VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a lightweight app that lets you use library eresources from anywhere as if you were logged in onto a computer on campus. This is particularly useful if there is a problem logging into a resource, because connecting via the VPN usually solves it. There are also a handful of resources that can only be used on campus or using the VPN.

Suffering from the intersectional oppression both as Black people and as women, Black women face communal microaggressions and exclusion in academia, as elsewhere, making an already steep career path even more difficult for them. This is reflected in the challenges …

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Looking after ourselves means taking time to care for bodies and minds together. It doesn’t matter what you read or what exercise you do, only that you enjoy what you are doing. As I was once told, “life is not a rehearsal”, so make the most of your time. Enjoy every moment you can, and if you can’t, see if there is anything obvious you can do to make life better.