Sustainable living can help you create your own personal style and fill your personal world with things that you love rather than accepting the current mass-manufactured fashion. From the clothes you wear to the furniture you live with, sustainable shopping means you can benefit your pocket as well as the planet.

We all share a need to deliver a future world that the Earth can continue to sustain and that future generations will inherit. The choices we make now will have a long-lasting impact on future generations. The impact of climate change is now undeniable and felt by everyone. It will also be felt particularly heavily by those children and young people who have done little or nothing to contribute to the climate crisis, yet will bear the full force of climate change impacts. Environmental conservation and sustainability are intrinsically linked with social justice and equality, with the most egalitarian societies enjoying the lowest pollution levels and best health.

The University is committed to sustainability, making ethical choices that minimise the resources we consume and leave the least possible impact on the planet. By reducing, re-using and recycling, we can often save money and help support other people to live more easily. Controlling heating more precisely, using energy-efficient equipment and lighting saves on energy costs, and developing a more energy-efficient estate all save money in the longer term. It also reduces our carbon footprint and pollution, creating a cleaner, safer planet for future generations. So what is the University doing to become more sustainable?