Are you a budding artist, designer or hobbyist? Are you passionate about a social issue, your home country, or an academic subject? Is there an academic or work-based project that you have completed that fascinated you and that you would like to share with others? The library display space is available to all students and staff to share their interests with the world, from art and design to photographic collections, painted miniature collections, academic posters suitable for a general audience or more conceptual pieces.

Earlier this month, a new exhibit opened in the library’s First Floor mezzanine display space. Sounds Beyond Music: Selected Objects from the Museum of Portable Sound will run from 13 November through 31 January.

MOPS is an independent museum based in Portsmouth after first opening in London almost exactly eight years ago as a research project for my PhD in sound studies and museum studies, and I’m its Director and Chief Curator. It’s dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of (mostly non-musical) sounds as museum objects.

Learn directly from the experts from ProQuest how to trace the development of British politics from the 17th century onwards and explore the vast tracts of magazines and periodicals from nineteenth century penny dreadfuls to richly illustrated family magazines, temperance campaigns, political satire and twentieth century popular journalism. This webinar will have something of interest for everyone from history, politics and social science students through to journalists, typographers, and layout designers interested in the history of their arts.

Paper is an interesting material. It shares many properties with the wood it is made from, being flexible in thin sheets and strong in compression in bulk. It is this combination of properties that makes paper engineering such a fascinating art and science.

We’ve really enjoyed hosting the paper sculpture and pop-up craft exhibition by Derek (Mac) Mccullough, which is now moving to the Eldon building but you can still enjoy images of the exhibits on the Library website.

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Come and see the beautiful sketches from our first year BA (Hons) Illustration students that we have on display in the library. Students were asked to explore the Library and Special Collections. They picked a topic from a ‘lucky dip’ …

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