Interested in witnessing the cutting edge of design technology and its creative uses? The Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) faculty Research Excellence Framework (REF) showcase will be on display at the Institute of Marine Sciences next Thursday, 9 March 2023. They’ve even laid on a free bus to take you there.

I feel inspired by and excited about all of the CCI PhD students’ research topics but none more than Pooja Shah’s. I’ve watched her research emphasis change and develop over time and now she is ready to move beyond her PhD exploring the possibilities presented by incorporating diverse textures, forms and designs into knitted artefacts into an exciting future. Join Pooja for the two workshops that perhaps mark the transition between her past and future as a researcher. Aimed at experienced knitters, these workshops offer an opportunity to be inspired by Pooja’s research and to engage with her in conversation about the meaning knitting has in your life while you knit your own far from the ordinary creation.

A book of historical newspaper cuttings from the University Archive.

A lesser-known fact about the Library is that we house several “special” collections. Special collections has to be a phrase dreamt up by a librarian. It translates broadly to “fun and interesting, often specialised stuff that doesn’t fit on the …

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Nothing makes a person feel old like remembering a time before the students just arriving were born… or indeed before the internet. Even if you are just joining us, many of these things became obsolete in your lifetime. Prepare to feel very old suddenly as you watch this video about things that became obsolete since 2000!

When it comes to things as diverse as precision manufacture to emergency signage, things that really matter are designed to international standards. This facilitates trade between countries because products are manufactured to a known (no pun intended) standard and can be relied upon to be safe, effective and work as expected. A question we are frequently asked is where these elusive standards can be found.

Artist's impression of librarians upon the arrival of new eresources

Good news, everybody! We now have many more information resources of interest to surprisingly wide audiences, from everything tangentially related to computing to resources that help diversify the curriculum and more archives on British history from Victoriana to the modern day. Whether you are into History, Design, or Electronic Engineering, we have something new here for you.

Learning development in a creative faculty A faculty-based learning developer (LD) must accommodate the full range of subjects and types of learners in their specific contexts. The ‘design thinking’ (DT) five basic stages of ‘empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test’ that …

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