When it comes to things as diverse as precision manufacture to emergency signage, things that really matter are designed to international standards. This facilitates trade between countries because products are manufactured to a known (no pun intended) standard and can be relied upon to be safe, effective and work as expected. A question we are frequently asked is where these elusive standards can be found.

Engineering Village is like a version of the EBSCO Discovery Service designed specifically for engineers. It is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world, comprising no less than ten chemistry, engineering, and earth science databases.

Knovel is a truly original novel approach to presenting scientific and engineering information, designed to supply data for real world problems and experiments. What experienced users might not know is that you can now personalise your Knovel experience, organising your favourite content for easy reference and sharing folders of content with groupmates.

Knovel is one of the most novel approaches to presenting information we have ever seen.  Offering a choice between standard search and an interactive matrix of search criteria that return physico-chemical data, formulae, information, and more for the physical sciences, …

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Happy International Women in Engineering Day! Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the science, technology, computing and mathematical professions, yet their contributions have been critical in shaping the modern world, as STEMjobs and IveyEngineering describe.  Ada Lovelace invented the fundamentals of programming …

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