Yesterday, the University Library hosted its first-ever Global Storytime Event. We invited parents and carers to bring their children into the University Library, where two of our talented students read to them from a selection of illustrated children’s books from the Outside In World collection of children’s books in translation. After this, the children were invited to participate in an art activity, colouring and drawing images inspired by the books.

I am so grateful to our talented students Abigail and Santosh, who engaged the children so effectively, and to all the parents and children who participated. A wonderful time was had by all and the artworks created by the children were particularly fun and entertaining.

Paper is an interesting material. It shares many properties with the wood it is made from, being flexible in thin sheets and strong in compression in bulk. It is this combination of properties that makes paper engineering such a fascinating art and science.

We’ve really enjoyed hosting the paper sculpture and pop-up craft exhibition by Derek (Mac) Mccullough, which is now moving to the Eldon building but you can still enjoy images of the exhibits on the Library website.

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