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Google has been hiding things from you. Good things, no less. Take a quick tour of three of Google’s best kept secrets, from its vaults of art images to its library of the world’s constitutions translated into English, to a tool shows you how many people searched for what and when.

We are excited to begin the new year by presenting you with the archives of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) covering 1482-2010.
Funded by research funding from our success in the last Research Excellence Framework exercise, this archive of historical geography is extensive and includes Maps, Atlases, Charts and Plans; Expedition Reports; Fieldnotes, Correspondence and Diaries; Grey Literature; Photographs, Artwork and Illustrations; Journal Manuscripts; Photographs; Proceedings, Lectures, and Ephemera. The collection spans a wide variety of interdisciplinary research areas, and supports educational needs in Anthropology, Area Studies; Cartography and Visualizations, Colonial, Post-Colonial & Decolonisation Studies; Development Studies; Environmental Degradation; Historical & Cultural Geography; Historical Sociology; Human Geography; Identity, Gender & Ethnic Studies; Geology; International Relations; Trade and Commerce, and Law and Policy relating to Colonization and over a hundred special collections.

Trolling (known as “mockery” in the days before social media made it a slightly warped informal massively multiplayer online game played across social media platforms) is not a common marketing tactic for established scholarly brands but the publishers of the Meriam-Webster dictionary have been …

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Magna Carta, ‘The Great Charter’, paved the way for modern government by establishing in 1225 the principal that no-one, not even the monarch, was above the law and giving all “free men” the right to justice and a fair trial.   While only three clauses are …

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Today in 1789, George Washington was elected the first president of the United States. With no contending political parties when Washington came to power, there was no electoral campaign; the electoral college simply met in New York City and unanimously …

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