Artificial intelligence has become a common buzzword, and you are probably already using it to create your assignments, possibly without even knowing it. But how can you use it ethically and skillfully to help you produce great assignments without crossing the line and being accused of cheating? Our Faculty Librarian Timothy Collinson explains all in his new guide to using AI for effective (and ethical) study.

It is increasingly apparent that all of us need to be aware of what AI can do, particularly generative AI creating text and images and video at speed and in quantities that were hitherto underheard of. We need to have a good understanding of its power for good, its potential for harm and the ethical considerations that are involved in its use. It is so easy to be fooled by deep fake AI, so we all need to learn to think for ourselves. Become an AI literate leader and not a follower – check out our AI Literacy webpages today!