Why is the Library such a popular place for students to come and study? Perhaps it is because a space between home and work fosters spontaneous encounters, critical conversations and new friendships forged in the blaze of relaxed industry. Ray Oldenburg suggested such spaces such as the Library are defined less by place, although it is still one of the largest and most diverse open access study spaces on campus, as the way studying in the Library encourages serendipity, finding unusual books, resources, chance encounters with others and engaging in unhindered interchanges that can open doors and take you in new directions.

The new prayer room and contemplation space on the first floor of the Library is now open for anyone who wants or needs a space apart to pray, meditate or sit quietly .

Everyone is welcome to use this space, whether you have a confirmed faith, want to sit and meditate without distractions, or simply need a space apart and want somewhere to sit and recover in peace and tranquillity.