We are delighted to report that a full four years after we first received Customer Service Excellence Standard recognition, our award has been fully reviewed and reaccredited. The Library was once again found to be fully compliant in all areas, bar one point of partial compliance, with several areas being scored as “Compliance Plus”,  indicating we exceeded the already high standards expected and demonstrated good practice.

Global health inequalities threaten to doom millions of people to die from AIDS. While wealthy western nations talk of one day making HIV infection history, marginalised communities at risk of infection in African countries are often unable to access healthcare. Wealth and healthcare inequalities between continents, countries, and communities in those countries threaten to sustain the spread of this preventable disease. Still, the World Health Organisation ambitiously plans to make AIDS history by 2030.

Screen capture still of animated 3D street art video from the StreetArtifact.xyz Instagram feed.

Inspired by the rise in the prevalence of street art during the pandemic, the StreetArtifacts group created an interactive AR platform on which they host scans of street art using a sophisticated camera that captures a “4k color textured 3d scan” and then use “spatial web and augmented reality” technologies to realise a map linked to authentic, detailed three-dimensional renders of the artwork in each location. The result is a virtual tour of immersive street art that digitally conserves this important part of our modern cultural heritage.

If you are new here, you might not realise this yet but the period around Christmas is the only time of the year that the Library closes (apart from the August Bank Holiday in the summer). We are always open …

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The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has joined the open access revolution, committing to make all of its journals open access by 2027. Better still, the RSC hopes to be able to fund its journals through “institutional or funder level agreements” without demanding APCs from individual authors in a move hailed by one academic as a “big step forward in pursuing open science.”

Martin Gonzalez has animated a musical score and combined it with the original scene from the 1984 film Amadeus in which a dying Mozart dictates part of his unfinished Requiem to fellow composer Antonio Salieri. If you have any interest in music or composition at all, this change really adds a lot to the original scene.

Hampshire Constabulary, working with Student Watch volunteers and marking kits supplied by Portsmouth City Council are popping up once again at lunchtime today to offer free cycle marking pop-ups around campus.  Bring your bike to the Library between 1.30- 3.30 pm today and get it security marked and registered on the national property database.

The "Locate on shelf" button in the catalogue lets you find a book with the tap of a button.

While you can always put in a Click & Collect request, sometimes you just want to walk in and walk out with the book(s) you want. Here’s a quick three step guide to finding books for yourself.

Gale Primary Sources and AM are both fantastic sources of primary resources for anyone studying the history of many subjects. Documentary sources run the gamut from British and US intelligence to crime, punishment and popular culture in the 19th century, and from the history of sexuality to political extremism, taking in many 18th and 19 century British and US newspapers along the way.