I’d like to start this LGBTQIA+ History Month with a focus on some largely forgotten LGBTQIA+ artists. There are several art exhibitions featuring works by LGBTQIA+ artists that you can visit between February and April 2024, including several in London and one in nearby Chichester you could visit, any of which will make for a pleasant day out.

You have your laptop set up just the way you like it; it’s light and portable, but you crave a full-sized screen and keyboard when you settle in for a proper study session. We hear you! That’s why we bring you the best of all possible worlds with desktop computers you can plug your devices into and enjoy the use of a mouse, full-size keyboard and a monitor so large it had to be made curved for you to be able to see everything from side to side without moving! It’s the best of all possible worlds: the power and customizability of your own device with the luxury of a dedicated, modern desktop setup.

Are you considering a career working with children – perhaps as a teacher or learning support worker? Don’t miss the exciting upcoming opportunity to read to local children and the children of our current students during Global Week in March. Read a story to a group of children in the Library and help engage their imaginations in a creative artwork exercise afterwards. You will be able to choose the book you read, and full training and support will be given.

Working early or late has some benefits – there’s always space to spread out, it’s quieter, so you can concentrate without distractions, and it’s a good time to wander over to the Library and get stuck into some serious study. Yet, you need to stay hydrated and fed even when you’ve exhausted your snack box and the local coffee shops have closed (or not yet opened). Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

It’s amazing how much we’ve changed since you joined us (unless you’ve just joined us, in which case we are busy changing even as I type this!). We are always keen to hear what our clients think and want, and we are forever watching to spot what you find challenging. Our ongoing Customer Service Excellence Standard recognition shows our ongoing commitment to delivering the best service possible as our staff “go the extra mile” and embed enhancements to your Library experience across the board. So, what’s gotten better?

Anyone can injure themselves and find it difficult to carry books around, and while we make as many books available electronically as possible, a few books remain only available in print, while some people prefer to read from printed books, particularly when they study for extended periods. Often, academic books tend to be the sort of heavy book with which you can prop open a door or build a small bunker.

Happily, between our postal loans, wheeled book trolleys, and click and collect service, both our print and electronic books are easily available to everyone.

One reason ebooks are so popular is that they are always available but since print books renew themselves automatically once borrowed, if you want a print book that is on loan to someone else, you really want to reserve it! 

All books you or anyone else borrow are renewed automatically until someone else reserves them. As soon as you reserve a copy using the Library Catalogue, we will email the person with the book due soonest and ask them to bring it back within one week.  Once they bring it back, we will email you to let you know it is on the reservation shelves in the Atrium, waiting for you to collect.  Since the Library is open 24/7 and you can borrow books online, this means you can collect books 24/7.

Are you a budding artist, designer or hobbyist? Are you passionate about a social issue, your home country, or an academic subject? Is there an academic or work-based project that you have completed that fascinated you and that you would like to share with others? The library display space is available to all students and staff to share their interests with the world, from art and design to photographic collections, painted miniature collections, academic posters suitable for a general audience or more conceptual pieces.