Snugly tucked in, hygienic and ready to use - the new water bottle refill station is available whenever the Library is open.

We have replaced the tired old water drinking water fountain that lurked in obscurity with a state of the art water bottle refilling station near the Library Café for true efficiency and convenience.

From Admiralty maps of the oceans to historical maps showing translucent overlaid layers from different time periods overlaid on the same map, maps of the agricultural census and land coverage maps showing the distribution of geology, biogeography and hydrology there are so many maps you can access, annotate, overlay, manipulate and download sections from online through our Digimap service.

Does vulgar language on television make leave you clutching your pearls? Have you longed for family entertainment where a friendly censor has snuffed out the naughty words people use? Are you still living in the past century? Good news! The Television Guardian is here to protect and serve. By decoding the captioning encoded in the television signal ahead of when it is played as audio, the Television Guardian would mute the sound before it got to the objectionable language and replace it with an altogether more acceptable alternative on-screen caption.

When it comes to things as diverse as precision manufacture to emergency signage, things that really matter are designed to international standards. This facilitates trade between countries because products are manufactured to a known (no pun intended) standard and can be relied upon to be safe, effective and work as expected. A question we are frequently asked is where these elusive standards can be found.

Building on its current departmental bronze award, the Faculty of Business and Law (BaL) will be applying for an Athena Swan Silver Award in November 2023. Work on this important area supports the drive to act on gender equality matters and thus improve the experience for staff and students. The team needs to be gender-balanced but currently lacks representation from students who identify as trans and nonbinary. Dr Karen Middleton, BaL Athena SWAN Chair, would be delighted to receive expressions of interest for a vacancy that has arisen on the team for trans and nonbinary students.