We were thrilled with the way you engaged on World Book Day. Many of you are clearly well read and you made such interesting recommendations for things others should read. I’ve summarised the list of suggestions below so you can see what everyone else is recommending that you read! It’s certainly a varied and interesting list. What’s even better is that we have quite a few of these in the Library already that you can either read right now online or borrow in print!

Happy World Book Day! Explore five books from around the world that will take you on a journey from the artworks of feudal Japan to the mysteries of philosophy and from the worldview of a man in self-imposed social exile to a fantastical parody of pre-war Soviet society and a poignant view of the arrival of British colonialism in Africa told from an African perspective.

Celebrate World Book Day by going on a blind date with a book. All this week in the Library, you can borrow up one of our specially wrapped hand-picked books from the trolley in the Atrium and discover something you might not otherwise have ever read. Where might your date take you?

In celebration of World Book Day on Thursday 7 March 2024, we would like you to share your favourite books of all time. Let us know which books have moved you and what you like about them or why they excited, engaged, moved or changed you and like books posted by others and we will try to buy the most popular for our library collection so that others can enjoy the books you love most.