eLexicons for Fashion and Graphic Arts

Graphic Design and Illustration students may be familiar with the eLexicons resource, but a new Fashion lexicon has just been added. eLexicons, provides reliable and contextualized learning resources for the visual arts, including Fashion, Textile Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Graphic Art, Illustration, and Lettering. The resource includes over 3,000 biographies of notable designers and a rich library of images. It is really helpful in demonstrating relationships between people and organisations, for example, discovering who designers have worked with, where they studied and what organisations they are members of.  You can click through the database links to read more about each relationship and see examples of designers’ work.

Logging in can sometimes feel a little clumsy, it has a unique username and password. Follow the Click here for password link from the Library catalogue entry, then link to the Passwords for Resources page. Enter your usual UoP login, when prompted, and you will be taken to an alphabetical list of resources which need special passwords; eLexicons is listed on page 2.  When you login you may wish to explore the information on the eLexicons homepage. The subjects option will tell you what each lexicon covers. There are some other options too, including a magazine, Connections and Inspiration, aimed at teaching staff. If you simply want to search the database, you will need to click on Login a second time, then you will be able to choose your lexicon and explore.

Its definitely worth persisting with the login and if you encounter any difficulties, remember that members of our Telephone or Chat support team should be able to guide you through. Enjoy!

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