New Books February 2024

The following is a list of new books received by the Library during February. More complete listings for the year can be found on our website’s new books page

005.4476 CRISC Review Manual 2014
006.3 Slanted
025.84 Thinking digital preservation : for the serious, intellGiaretta, David author
153.35 Creative demons and how to slay them / Richard Holman ;Holman, Richard
300.721 Thematic analysis : a practical guide / Virginia Braun Braun, Virginia
305.896041 Black everyday lives, material culture and narrative : Sobers, Shawn
306.44 An introduction to language and social justice : what iAvineri, Netta
306.44072 Linguistic ethnography : interdisciplinary explorations
306.815 Single at heart : the power, freedom, and heart-fillingDePaulo, Bella
320.1509045 Home rule : national sovereignty and the separation of Sharma, Nandita Rani, 1964-
330 Economics [electronic resource] / N. Gregory Mankiw andMankiw, N. Gregory
331.133 Politics of lookism in global workplaces : physical andSims, Cynthia Howard
355.020112 War’s changed landscape? : a primer on conflict’s formsWalker, Paddy
362.941 Understanding health and social care / Jon GlasbyGlasby, Jon
364.15 Evidence of things seen : true crime in an era of recko
371.3840941 Roots and wings : a history of outdoor education and ouOgilvie, Ken C.
372.610440941 Creative approaches to teaching grammar : developing yoIllingworth, Martin
373.1102 Becoming a teacher : issues in secondary education
378.125 Delivering inclusive and impactful instruction : univerMerry, Kevin L.
378.166 Confident assessment in higher education / Rachel ForsyForsyth, Rachel
379.26 Key issues in education and social justice / Emma SmithSmith, Emma
379.260941 Equity in education : levelling the playing field of leMajor, Lee Elliot
418.0071 Didactologie et didactique des langues : deux disciplinGermain, Claude
428.0071 Students, places, and identities in English and the art
428.0071 The future of English teaching worldwide : celebrating
428.00712 Teaching English language 16-19 : a comprehensive guideIllingworth, Martin
428.0071242 English and its teachers : a history of policy, pedagogGibbons, Simon
428.4072 Researching and teaching reading : developing pedagogy Cliff Hodges, Gabrielle
582.130941 The wild flower key : how to identify wild flowers, treRose, Francis
592 InvertebratesBrusca, Richard C.
610.69 Professionalism / Alan Cribb and Sharon GewirtzCribb, Alan
615.535 Walking in the woods : go back to nature with the JapanMiyazaki, Yoshifumi, 1954-
616.8588206 Neurophototherapy : playfully unmasking with photographBoué, Sonia
618.9289 Abnormal child psychology / Eric J. Mash, University ofMash, Eric J.
621.3191 Power system analysis & designGlover, J. Duncan
623.81 Handbook of marine craft hydrodynamics and motion contrFossen, Thor I.
658.1511 Strategic management accounting : a critical exploratioAlawattage, Chandana
658.3 Strategic human resource management : an HR professionaBeaven, Karen
658.872 Social media marketing / Tracy L. TutenTuten, Tracy L., 1967-
686.2 Slanted
686.22 Design, typography etc : a handbook / Damien and ClaireGautier, Damien, 1971-
686.22 Typobiography : the work of 60 years / Jost HochuliHochuli, Jost
711.4 Essential urban design : a handbook for architects, desCowan, Robert, 1950-
720.47 Sustainable design for interior environments / Susan M.Winchip, Susan M.
728.092 Radical practice : the work of Marlon Blackwell ArchiteBoelkins, Jonathan
741.6 About graphic design / Richard HollisHollis, Richard
741.6 Reportage drawing : vision and experience / Louis NetteNetter, Louis
741.6 Caps lock : how capitalism took hold of graphic design,Pater, Ruben
741.6 The politics of design : a (not so) global manual for vPater, Ruben
741.672 The complete fashion sketchbook / Martin DawberDawber, Martin
741.9 Illustrators’ sketchbooks : Inside the creative processSalisbury, Martin
744.01 Why graphic culture matters : essays, polemics and propPoynor, Rick
744.08996 Now you see me! : an introduction to 100 years of BlackPrempeh, Charlene
744.52 Slanted
744.52 Notes on book design / by Formal SettingsFormal Settings,
745.4 Extra bold : a feminist, inclusive, anti-racist, non-bi
781.34536 Mixing in Dolby AtmosRothermich, Edgar
791.4361640941 Folk horror on film : return of the British repressed /
810.9358 Regeneration through violence : the mythology of the AmSlotkin, Richard, 1942-
811.54 Borderlands = La frontera : the new Mestiza / Gloria AnAnzalduá, Gloria
883.01 Homer’s daughters : women’s responses to Homer in the t
973.308 Liberty is sweet : the hidden history of the American RHolton, Woody
613,62 HOP7 : the guide to the handling of people : person-cen

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