Dear Santa…

santa letter photoDear Santa,

I’ll be going home from Uni for Christmas, but I have deadlines at the beginning of January. I’m torn – I want to enjoy my time at home with friends and family, but I know I should be studying too. Please, please, please could you bring me two extra weeks of holidays so I can fit everything in – or failing that, some way of making studying easier when I’m nowhere near the Library?

Yours hopefully, G.

Dear G,

Greetings from the North Pole, where plans are well underway for Christmas Eve. While I can’t deliver extra holidays to your stocking, I may be able to help with the study dilemma you posed, and thought it would be foolish to wait until the 24th to let you know about this.

The elves at the Library know how difficult it can be trying to balance real life with study, and have been busily scattering their magic dust all over their resources in preparation for the festive exodus from the building. Whether you start from a reading list in Moodle, or from the Library website, you’ll find that you can access thousands of ebooks, journal articles and other resources from your laptop, PC or even phone! All you’ll need is your login details, which are the same as those you use to sign on to computers on campus! If you’ve never worked off-campus before, you might need to familiarize yourself with the authentication process (something you may not have seen before) but the elves have thought about this and created a really handy guide here which will explain everything!

There are a few really special resources which use a different login, so they’ve created an equally special page which lists ways to make these work.

If you don’t like remembering passwords, or want a more seamless experience, there are even some instructions on how to set up your browser to work just like a University one!

Because the elves will be very busy elsewhere during the festive period itself, they’ve also made sure there will be help available from the out of hours service, so phoning the usual library number will still be an option if you run into any difficulties.

I hope this will help with your studies, and make your seasonal socializing less guilt-ridden,




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