Southsea Sangha turns 10 years old

Southsea Sangha turns 10 years old

Southsea Sangha, a vibrant community dedicated to Buddhist Meditation and Community Practice, is thrilled to announce its 10 year anniversary celebration. If you need a chance to chill and have an interest in meditation or are curious about meditation practices, reserve your spot and join the birthday celebrations from 6-9 pm on 2 June at Offbeet Café, Albert Road.

The event honours a decade of meditation, service and community and because all proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to the UN World Food Programme Gaza Appeal, the event also contributes essential support to those in need, so if you buy a ticket and come along, your presence at the celebration will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Reserve your spot here.

About Southsea Sangha

Southsea Sangha is a community dedicated to meditation and community practice, offering freely accessible meditation groups and fostering a culture of mutual aid and inclusivity. Founded in 2014, Southsea Sangha has been a refuge for practitioners of all backgrounds and levels of experience, holding the intersection of dharma and social justice at its core.

Founded in 2014, Southsea Sangha has been a cornerstone of the local community, offering open-access, freely-offered meditation groups and fostering a culture of mutual aid and inclusivity.  Southsea Sangha is part of a larger network of insight meditation communities connected to Gaia House Retreat Centre in Devon, who have trained several of our community leaders.

Over the past decade, Southsea Sangha has achieved this remarkable milestone for an entirely independent volunteer and peer-led meditation community, which relies solely on the goodwill and generosity of its community to sustain the community for the benefit of those it serves and for those simply curious in exploring or reconnecting with meditation practice. A principle of the community is ‘Seva’ or service. Over these years, this has included raising thousands for local charity PARCS and donating almost half a ton of surplus food in partnership with local businesses, Pie & Vinyl and Wild Thyme Wholefoods, to The Lifehouse, a charity supporting the unhoused community in the area.

Hosting international dharma teachers and holding the intersection of traditional teachings and social justice at its core, Southsea Sangha has been a refuge for many, especially during the challenges of the pandemic, when the Sangha saw its online community expand to all over the globe with members joining online from Chichester to Canada.

“During the Pandemic we found the introduction of the online sessions a big comfort and this helps me stay in touch now despite not living locally. The atmosphere is always very welcoming and provides a genuine safe space for the mind to rest in.”, shares.

Stephen from Leeds

All are welcome to join in the festivities and experience the warmth and inclusivity that define Southsea Sangha.

Find out more

For more information about Southsea Sangha and what it offers, visit or @SouthseaSangha on Instagram and Facebook.

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