Chicks’ Charm Offensive is Well Underway!

by Library Twitcher

For those of you who have left Portsmouth for the summer, the University Library’s camera crew is happy to show you some video of the Herring Gull chicks.

We don’t have good audio of the chick due to background noise in the building (see our Refurb page for reasons why not) so we thought we’d give you something else. The lovely music may remind some of you of Vince Guaraldi’s (and later Ed Bogas’) music for Charles Schultz’ animated Charlie Brown specials (A Charlie Brown Christmas, and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, etc.).

In the video you’ll see everything that goes on in an average human home – everything from working out at the “gym” to toilet time, and naps. As sometimes bird activities can be over very quick, and for those of you not accustomed to watching birds, you might miss something interesting (or humorous!). Here’s a quick guide to the video:

  • Parent vocalising (calling to chicks or other parent, reasserting the territory claim, etc.): 0:46
  • Training: 1:03
  • Meal time (regurgitation): 1:25
  • Beak pecking (asking for food): 1:35
  • Toilet time: 2:18

The rest is all “Awww!!”. By the way, it’s seriously doubtful the chicks can all fit on the nest together – they’ve grown so much!

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