4 Hour Loan Book Transformation

In preparation for losing the Short Loan Room, we are gradually changing the status and location of our 4 hour loan books.

If an e-book version of a 4 hour loan book is available  the hard copy will be made available for a longer loan period.

If an e-book version is not available and/or a large number of students need to consult the book, certain titles will be made “open shelf reference”  (ie. not available for loan).

In addition we are gradually working our way through our “Subject Reference” books, withdrawing some, making some available for lending and others open shelf reference.  Hopefully, by the end of May, all remaining Sub Ref books will have been withdrawn or re-processed.

Whenever a book has been made open shelf reference, the spine label will say REF above the classmark and the catalogue record will display Reference as the loan type. As we are aiming to integrate almost all of our books into a single sequence to make it easier for you  to find them, books which just say “Reference” are shelved in with the ordinary lending books and are not kept in any special place.

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