Martin Gonzalez has animated a musical score and combined it with the original scene from the 1984 film Amadeus in which a dying Mozart dictates part of his unfinished Requiem to fellow composer Antonio Salieri. If you have any interest in music or composition at all, this change really adds a lot to the original scene.

Modern music is pretty much all synthesised, or at least comprises digital reproductions of recordings of acoustic sounds and yet this development was very much a twentieth-century phenomenon. This post comprises a whistlestop tour from early electric light bulbs through vacuum tubes to modern electronic circuitry, Oscar, Sala, Brian Eno, the too often overlooked Wendy Carlos, and on to the modern day with many a window shopping stop along the way.

Love it, hate it, fail to see the point of it, or not know what it is or how it came about – it is rare to find someone who has absolutely no opinion about the world’s most political musical competition, the Eurovision Song Contest. For years, I have pondered what was missing from this glitzy extravaganza, and today I happened across the answer: Lego.

Digital Theatre Plus is a useful resource for teachers and students of Performing Arts or English Literature.  It can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys dramatic or musical performance. It is mostly a video-based teaching resource for schools and …

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It was certainly one of those WOW moments: when he found something wonderful he wasn’t really expecting.  “I was in Portsmouth Central Library”, principal lecturer Dr. George Burrows tells me, “trying to find something historic about music and Portsmouth I …

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