Sometimes you just want to listen and learn while you are on the go or doing something else. Sometimes your eyes just need a rest. Whatever the reason, we are now launching Library micro-podcasts, each just a minute or so long, covering a topic close to your heart, from how to get the most from business reports to how you can switch to our free movie streaming service and save.

Here, Greta explains how to get started streaming classic and indie movies for free in under two minutes.

ale supplies many primary historical resources: searchable collections of scanned documents, photographs and other footage from ages past up until the end of the last century. In this video, Gale’s experts explain how to get the most from Declassified documents, their collection of secret papers that have since been declassified and made available for study.

Have you ever watched a mouthwatering advert for a big burger chain or food delivery company (okay, I may be stretching the meaning of the word “food” here further than I fear is reasonable in some cases) and wondered how they film all those ingredients cascading into place from jaunty angles?

Love it, hate it, fail to see the point of it, or not know what it is or how it came about – it is rare to find someone who has absolutely no opinion about the world’s most political musical competition, the Eurovision Song Contest. For years, I have pondered what was missing from this glitzy extravaganza, and today I happened across the answer: Lego.

The University Library is delighted to have an exhibition of unique artists books by Guy Begbie. Guy describes his practice as “multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary.” The books demonstrate techniques including printmaking, drawing, painting, small scale casting, video media and bookbinding. Bookworks is displayed in the glass cabinet near the …

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Digital Theatre Plus is a useful resource for teachers and students of Performing Arts or English Literature.  It can also be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys dramatic or musical performance. It is mostly a video-based teaching resource for schools and …

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