The University card (sometimes called your student card) you receive at registration is also your Library card. It gives you full rights to wander into and around the Library and borrow up to 30 books and all the ebooks your want. You can also use it to book group study rooms and use loanable laptops in the Library.

The “Welcome” section of the Library website introduces the most important library services you will use over the next few years in a simple, bite-sized format. Here you will find a short welcome video, a self-guided virtual tour of the Library that can help you to familiarise yourself with the building before you even step through the doors, a guided audio tour of the building, a brief slideshow of things you will want to know before you arrive, and a link to our opening times webpage.

Another open day arrives! Let’s hope the weather holds up. Friendly Library staff will be here to greet you all day and help you find your way around the building, with informal tours Library offered between 10 am – 12 noon. Help yourself to our promotional postcards, which tell you a little bit more about what we offer, and check out more content here on the Library blog and website for much more online.