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If you are looking for an alternative search engine to Google – perhaps you want to see if you can find some different results to what you usually see – alternative search engine Ecosia promises not to keep your browsing private but …

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The Discovery Service searches across many library resources, allowing you to carry out a single search and find relevant materials from lots of different ejournals, ebooks and other databases brought together in one Google-style search results list, but with reach and tools that surpass anything Google can manage. For many subjects, the Discovery Service is your one-stop-shop for academic search.

A throwback Thursday reference for anyone who's been following us for long enough to appreciate it ;)

Looking to go beyond the basics using the Discovery Service? Of course you are. This quick video will lift the lid on the tips and tricks that librarians use to get the most from the Discovery Service and set you up for success.

If you are returning after your first year, it is a sure and certain thing that you will be looking for journal articles at some point. The easiest way to find journal articles is by searching the Discovery Service. Happily, finding articles is surprisingly easy, especially if you watch this quick video covering our top tips for finding precisely what you need. And if you can’t find what you want, there is always a friendly librarian waiting to help!

In my previous post, I outlined how to go about searching a database such as the EBSCO Discovery Service (“Discovery”) and refining your search results to make it easier to pick out the articles or ebooks you want to download …

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Almost everyone has used Google to find information online and academic information resources are fundamentally very similar.  The difference between a simple Google search and finding precisely what you want in Discovery, ebook platforms or subject-specific resources is that to …

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