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Looking to go beyond the basics using the Discovery Service? Of course you are. This quick video will lift the lid on the tips and tricks that librarians use to get the most from the Discovery Service and set you up for success.

If you are returning after your first year, it is a sure and certain thing that you will be looking for journal articles at some point. The easiest way to find journal articles is by searching the Discovery Service. Happily, finding articles is surprisingly easy, especially if you watch this quick video covering our top tips for finding precisely what you need. And if you can’t find what you want, there is always a friendly librarian waiting to help!

Open access journals and integrative open publication platforms seeking to disseminate open research as quickly and transparently as possible and without paywalls are being launched across fields as far apart as microbiology and health to global social challenges. Check out the latest contributions made by our Research Outputs Team to the Research and Innovation Hub.

Looking for open-access publications, journals, research articles, monographs and theses that you can read for free online? The British Library has now brought together the major open access repositories in one place to help you discover scholarly publications and resources that are freely available to all, wherever you are.

Now be honest, not all library subject pages have undergone enough work to warrant an academic journal article on how they were made to be as useful and functional as they now are, but ours have. If you have been …

“A flexible in-house system for guidance and resource discovery” or why you should love your new subject pages Read more »