New Books – August 2023

The following is a list of books received during August 2023 ordered by classmark. More complete details, and listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page as downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

005.8 Deceptive patterns : exposing the tricks tech companiesBrignull, Harry
149.809034 A history of nihilism in the nineteenth century : confrStewart, Jon (Jon Bartley)
152.41 Empathy for Change: How to Create a More Understanding Wilson, Amy J
160 The art and logic of Ramon Llull : a user’s guide / AntBonner, Anthony
193 Hegel’s century : alienation and recognition in a time Stewart, Jon, 1961-
210 Hegel’s interpretation of the religions of the world : Stewart, Jon
210.92 An introduction to Hegel’s lectures on the philosophy oStewart, Jon (Jonathan David)
300.72 Social research : paradigms in action / Norman Blaikie Blaikie, Norman W. H., 1933-
300.721 Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed Creswell, John W.
302 The psychology of the social / edited by Uwe Flick
302 Social psychologyAronson, Elliot
306.47 The Work Kit of design fiction : a construction kit for
306.483 Match fixing and sport : historical perspectives / edit
306.483 Power played : a critical criminology of sportSilva, Derek; Kennedy
306.76 Queer theory, gender theory : an instant primer / Riki Wilchins, Riki
306.77 Sex media / Feona AttwoodAttwood, Feona
320.12 Bordering intimacy : postcolonial governance and the poTurner, Joe
330 Economics for businessSloman, John, 1947-
331.2568072 Research methods for digital work and organization : in
332.042 International finance / Keith PilbeamPilbeam, Keith, 1961-
332.41 The spectre of price inflation / Max GillmanGillman, Max
332.6 Investments / Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. MarcusBodie, Zvi
339.420941 When nothing works : from cost of living to foundationaCalafati, Luca
340.02342 A practical guide to lawyering skills / edited by Fiona
340.02342 Professional ethics
340.092 Nothing but the truth : the memoir of an unlikely lawyeSecret Barrister
340.1 Governing the society of competition : cycling, doping Hardie, Martin
340.9 A guide to global private international law / edited by
340.90942 Private international law in English courts / Adrian BrBriggs, Adrian
340.915 European private international family law : the revisedWilderspin, Michael
341.2422092 My secret Brexit diary : a glorious illusion / Michel BBarnier, Michel
341.42 A search for sovereignty : law and geography in EuropeaBenton, Lauren A.
343.410999 Information technology law : the law and society / AndrMurray, Andrew, 1972-
344.24099 Modern sports law : a textbook / Jack AndersonAnderson, Jack, LLM
345.42 Blackstone’s criminal practice 2023 / general editors D
346.0173 Parental child abduction to Islamic law countries : a cYaqub, Nazia
347.05 Costs and funding following the Civil Justice Reforms :
347.4206 Evidence / The City Law School, City University of LondEdge, Romilly
347.42077 Remedies / The City Law School, City University of Lond
361.3 Social work : a critical approach to practice / Jan FooFook, Jan
362.3 How to conduct ethnographies of institutions for peopleHøgsbro, Kjeld
363.124092 I had to survive : how a plane crash in the Andes helpeCanessa, Roberto, 1953-
364.942 The official history of criminal justice in England andDownes, David M.
364.942 The official history of criminal justice in England andRock, Paul Elliott
364.94209045 The official history of criminal justice in England andDownes, David M.
381.10973 Winner sells all : Amazon, Walmart, and the battle for Del Rey, Jason
391.6309409031 How to be a Renaissance woman : the untold history of bBurke, Jill, 1971-
401.93 Debates in second language education / edited by Ernest
526 Cartography : a compendium of design thinking for mapmaField, Kenneth, 1969-
577.7 Conservation Palaeobiology of Marine EcosystemsNawrot, R.; Dominici
610.73 The reflective practice guide : an interdisciplinary apBassot, Barbara
610.73 Complex care in nursing / Sally-Anne Wherry, Nikki BuckWherry, Sally-Anne
610.7301 Becoming a reflective practitioner / edited by Christop
615.19 An introduction to medicinal chemistry / Graham L. PatrPatrick, Graham L.
616.0019 Health psychology / Jane OgdenOgden, Jane, 1966-
616.044 Managing long-term conditions and chronic illness in prCarrier, Judith, 1960-
616.079 Basic immunology : functions and disorders of the immunAbbas, Abul K.
616.8582 Psychopathy / Sandie Taylor, Lance WorkmanTaylor, Sandie
616.8914 The presenting past : the core of psychodynamic counselJacobs, Michael, 1941-
616.944 Handbook of sepsis / W. Joost Wiersinga, Christopher W.
617.9676 Practical conscious sedationCraig, David, 1948-
618.92 European paediatric advanced life support / Resuscitati
640.7 Perfection salad : women and cooking at the turn of theShapiro, Laura
658 Management theory and practiceCole, G. A. (Gerald A.)
658.15 Corporate finance / Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzoBerk, Jonathan B., 1962-
658.4 Ethical corporate governance, rsk and compliance manageQuashigah, Patrick
658.4092 Developing skills for business leadership : building peWatson, Gillian (Gillian Elizabeth)
658.4095 Women and men in management / Gary N. PowellPowell, Gary N.
658.5 Operations management : sustainability and supply chainHeizer, Jay
658.8 Marketing concepts and strategiesDibb, Sally, 1963-
658.804 Business-to-business marketingBrennan, Ross, 1957-
658.827 Strategic brand management and development : creating aLalaounis, Sotiris T., 1980-
659.111 Advertising media planning : a brand management approacKelley, Larry D., 1955-
686.2 Risomania : the new spirit of printing : risograph, mimKomurki, John Z.
692.8 Managing realityMitchell, Bronwyn
712 Conceptual landscapes : fundamentals in the beginning d
741.6 Risography : loving imperfections / Carolina AmellAmell, Carolina
745.4 Central Saint Martins Foundation : key lessons in art aAlexander, Lucy
747.094109034 Victorian modern : a design bible for the Victorian homLeevers, Jo
770.92 An American journey : the photography of William EnglanJeffrey, Ian
778.409034 Stereoscopy : the dawn of 3-D / Denis Pellerin ; editedPellerin, Denis
782.14 Me and my girl / book and lyrics by Larthur Rose and DoRose, Larthur
796 Sport and crime : towards a critical criminology of spoMillward, Peter
808.06615 APA style simplified : writing in psychology, educationBeins, Bernard
823.914 A heart full of headstones / Ian RankinRankin, Ian
910 Geography : an integrated approach / David WaughWaugh, David
910.76 Geography : an integrated approach / David WaughWaugh, David
929.3774 Michigan 1870 census
929.377434 Michigan 1870 census
972.6089951 El dragón y la ceiba : Chinos en el país de los Mayas, Carrillo, Luis Alfonso Ramírez

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