WiFi network upgrade (21-24 August)

Good news, everybody!

We are updating our WiFi network to the dizzying speeds afforded by WiFi 6, which tech journalists assure us is a full three times faster than WiFi 5, and to be honest, we might not have been running that given when our hardware was last updated, so it is a very exciting moment for everyone who enjoys an internet connection that just works and gives you everything you want instantly and without question.

Every so slightly worse news, some of you

The not-quite-so-good news is that contractors will be coming to unscrew the old WiFi transmitters one by one and replace them with new ones and that there will be gaps in our wireless network near where they are working. The gap will move with the workmen, and each area of the Library should be without WiFi for only half an hour or so, but if a constant internet connection is something you need, you may need to take a break or move when the area where you are sitting is affected. Work begins next Monday 21 August, and should be completed next week.

Everything should be back to normal very quickly

By the end of next week everything should be working wonderfully, so if you have any difficulties connecting to the WiFi after next week, or if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the IS Service Desk for advice.

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