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Many people seek to leave a legacy behind them, and most of those people dream of building something new. New is sexy, exciting, and impressive. What is left is nurturing, maintaining, caring for and developing what has been developed. Leaving a lasting and valued legacy can be as simple as offering insightful feedback, a useful suggestion, or simply pointing out the limitations of what exists and thereby prompting change.

Feedback is one of the most valuable ways clients can give back to the University. We seek to gather feedback formally and systematically from final year students before they leave through the National Student Survey (NSS) but we deeply appreciate that asking someone as they are gearing up to take their final examinations while they are being asked to give feedback on their modules, the course as a whole, and so on, while simultaneously potentially applying for jobs understandably does not always capture the deepest of insights. Nor do we want to wait until you are just about out the door and looking to your future outside the university before we ask what you thought of what we offered.

The Library thrives on student-led change. The services and facilities we have now have been developed in response to the suggestions and comments of previous students. Click here to read about some of the latest changes we have made in response to feedback from students. Let us know what is working well for you and where the Library is not meeting your needs and help shape the future.

How you can give us feedback

You can give us feedback:

  • online – by email or online chat or through our online suggestions box;
  • in person – chat to a member of our friendly team (click here for our opening times) and we will make sure your comments get passed on to the relevant manager;
  • in writing – you can fill out a suggestions postcard anonymously and drop it into our retro red feedback postbox near the IT Help Desk or just write to the Library and drop the letter in at any staffed desk or post it to us.
Retro red cast iron postbox stood near the IT Help Desk.  A hand is just visible, in the act of posting a University Library postcard reading "Tell us what we can do to make you smile :) #StudentLedChange"
Feedback postcards live on top of the postbox. Please let us know if they run out!

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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