We’re here to help! (No, really)

We’re here to help! (No, really)

To the untrained observer, it often appears that the library, like most other university services, is populated by people queuing up in an attempt to help you. In reality, we are all trying to do three things at once while keeping half an eye on the enquiry service but actually chatting with a student (or member of staff) is often the highlight of our day.

There are lots of ways you can get in touch with a librarian, whether you missed your library course induction, can’t find the right web form to request a book be picked off the shelf and reserved or posted to you, or you need in-depth help constructing a search for information in an advanced database.

Pop in and see us

Library staff are waiting to help you sort out all manner of minor problems, including helping you find books, in the library Atrium from 8 – 5 pm (9 pm some days). We also have a professional librarian offering bespoke library skill sessions on demand.

Chat to us 24/7

You can chat to a librarian online 24/7. Between 9.00 am and 4.50 pm, Mondays – Fridays, you will (almost always) get through to a member of our enquiry service. Outside these hours, a librarian we have trained at another university (possibly in America) will answer your enquiry. Don’t worry, they’re good and we check what they tell you.

Book a librarian

Sometimes, it pays to have a longer sit-down session with a librarian who can demonstrate how things work and answer all your questions, help you develop your searches and find precisely what you need for your assignment, or just explain what referencing is and how it works from the bottom up. For those instances, you want to book an appointment with a librarian, so you can be sure of getting a prepared librarian offering you their undivided attention for as long as you need.

Email us

If all else fails, email us and we will get back to you, often within a few minutes. You can email us at any time but we will only answer when the office is open.

Call us

It is also possible, though surprisingly unpopular these days, to phone the library on 023 9284 3228 (or just 3228 from a university networked phone).

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