Allied services for external members

Allied services for external members

All current students and staff enjoy access to all our eresources but restrictive content licenses combined with a need for increasing cybersecurity measures mean we cannot share our eresources more widely. We find this as frustrating as those in our community who we seek to serve. As one external member commented recently, so much of the current content is supplied as ebooks and journal articles that those wanting to track the cutting edge of a subject really need access to digital scholarly outputs to keep up to date. Happily, there are still options for the avid community-based researcher.

Free wifi and open access eresources

You can still bring in a mobile device or laptop and access our fast and reliable Guest wifi network and access all the research, open educational resources, open source textbooks and open access journal articles and post-print manuscripts available on the web. Oxford University has produced a comprehensive guide to the directories of open access journal and books, together with links to the series of browser extensions from Core discovery to Unpaywall that allow you to check for open source versions of published articles you come across.

Click here for our list of links to open access resources.

Click here for the British Library’s list of links to open access resources.

Click here for the Bodleian Libraries’ list of links to open access resources.

Public library ‘Access to research’ scheme

Portsmouth public library service has access to the Access to research scheme, which allows you to access full-text academic articles and papers. You can browse articles from anywhere but need to be logged into a Peoples’ Network computer terminal in a library branch to access full articles. You will need to join the public library service and obtain a library card to access the People’s Network. You can do this online and then pick up your library card from a branch and go onto use the People’s Network. Portsmouth History Centre, based in the Central Library, also pays for access to the British Newspaper Archive, which includes access to many historical articles from local newspapers across the UK. 

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You can find out more about accessing eresources through the public library by clicking on the links below:

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