Physics fans the flames of love

I’ve posted at least one ‘worthy’ blog post this week, so apart from reminding anyone who hasn’t yet visited Annabel Tremlett’s fantastic photography display exploring the true lived experiences and family lives of Roma, Gypsies and Travellers currently on show in the Library, I’m just going to focus on ‘fun’ topics.

You may wish to pause drinking your coffee for some of this week’s blog posts, lest you be so absorbed in what you are seeing that you accidentally miss your mouth. It happens. My shirt this afternoon bears testament to this.

We’ll start with something almost as fascinating and heartwarming as Annabel’s exhibition (seriously, go see it if you haven’t already, and then tell your friends and social media followers how good it is) – two matches ‘kissing’ thanks to a series of strange quirks of physics. This hot couple really needs to get a room!