Library eresources not available off-campus (resolved)

Library eresources not available off-campus (resolved)

Update (27 June 2022)

We learned this morning that almost as soon as we had gone home last Friday, the out-of-hours IT team had picked up our report on the problem and fixed it. All our eresources should now be accessible off-campus, with or without using the VPN. If you have any ongoing login problems, please contact us.

Original post

A serious technical problem has just occurred. As a result, Library eresources are currently not available off-campus, even while using the VPN.  What is worse, we cannot now begin to work on resolving this problem before Monday (27 June).  We have already contacted Information Services and will be working with them to resolve this problem as soon as possible come Monday morning.  We are very sorry for this horribly timed technical fault.


If you live locally, you will be able to access all our eresources using both our computers and wifi in the library building until midnight tonight and from 10 am – 4 pm tomorrow (Saturday), while the Library building is open.  We are closed on Sunday.  

If you are studying at a distance or self-isolating, we can only apologise. We will try to resolve this problem as quickly as possible next week.

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