Seven things you didn’t know your library offered

Seven  things you didn’t know your library offered

The Library is a treasure trove of delights some people never stumble across. Here are seven of the library’s worst kept secrets for you to enjoy!

1. 24/7 opening

Your library never closes. Not only are our electronic resources available from anywhere over the internet 24/7 every day of the year but you can come into the library and study, borrow and return books, and hide from the cold 24/7 for most of the year. We only close for part of the Christmas holiday. During the summer vacation, we open from 8 am until midnight every day to support our postgraduates but sadly cannot stay open 24/7 all year round.

2. Library Café and vending machines

The Library Café is tucked away near the front of the building, round the wooden staircase to your right after you enter the building. It is open from 8 am until late during term time, and when it is closed you can still buy snacks and hot and cold drinks from the vending machines around the corner. Head past the café and once again turn right into the well-hidden corner where these vending machines live. The products and even the hot drinks machine are surprisingly good – certainly the best I have ever come across.

3. Drinking water fountains

There are three drinking water fountains in the library that are available all the time we are open. You can find them:

  • outside the toilets down the corridor just to the left from the library entrance area, between the two sets of sliding glass doors;
  • towards the back of the library near the postgraduate study suite and teaching rooms – head to the right of the lift in the Atrium then turn right past the toilets and the drinking fountain is just around the corner to your right;
  • on the second floor – just follow the wooden stairs up to the top floor, turn left and then follow the floor to the far end.

You can also refill your water bottle at the Library Café.

4. Loanable laptops

You can borrow laptops to use in the library building for up to 12 hours from the grey lockers lining the first floor. Scan your card over a fob on the front of a bank of lockers, help yourself to the laptop and cable in the drawer that opens, and then simply plugin and play. If you find your laptop is without a cable or you encounter any problems, please ask an IT Helper in a grey top at the square white desk in the middle of the ground floor to help you.

5. Bring your own device, plugin and play

You are welcome to bring your own laptop, tablet, phone, whatever(!) into the library, plug it into the power supply available under most desks and around the walls/pillars in the library and connect to Eduroam – our fast and secure wi-fi network. This will give you the same access to the University’s software and library resources as if you were using a cabled desktop computer.

6. Click and collect

Tired of endlessly searching for books along the shelves? Get a member of library staff to do the heavy lifting for you – literally and figuratively! Anything you can find on the library catalogue (or through the Discovery Service) you can reserve and it will be put aside for you. A couple of days later, you will receive an email to your student Gmail account and then you can pick up the books you requested from the ground floor collection point and borrow them using the self-service kiosks in the Atrium.

7. Enjoy a silent retreat on the second floor

The second floor is home to an Individual Silent Study zone. Protected from drifting noise from the rest of the library by heavy fire doors and identified by prominent purple banners at every entrance to the zone, the Individual Silent Study Zone is a haven of peace and tranquillity away from the background buzz of chatter elsewhere in the Library. Please make sure your headphones do not leak sound that might annoy others in this space, switch your phone to vibrate, take any phone calls out of the zone before answering them, and of course – please no talking!

If anyone is making a nuisance in any part of the library, please discreetly text your location and a description of the problem (and people causing it) to our Security Team and they will come around promptly to have a quiet word with the troublemakers.

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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